At Artisan we sell gas fires and solid fuel stoves varying in efficiencies. Your initial research before purchase should have determined the requirements for your home and personal situation. If you have made the wrong choice, as an Artisan customer you are entitled to part exchange fee towards another choice.

Open Fires

In gas or solid fuel, must be used in winter months with a background central heating system. Open fires cannot perform properly if there is too much cold air in the room. Cold air is drawn to the open appliance and taken up the flue system together with the heat from the appliance. When warm air from the central heating system is in the room, the same vortex (updraft) would not occur and so the appliance is able to perform properly and you will benefit by its usually sufficient heat output.

Glass fronted fires

Both gas and solid fuel are more efficient if they have a glass barrier to minimise the vortex (updraft) therefore preventing the loss of the heat up the flue system. Glass fronted fires (being more efficient) the reason for their higher initial purchase price. However it is suggested that background central heating systems are still used especially in winter months to help glass fronted appliances perform to their potential.