A guide to help remedy the most common fireplace niggles… click on the headings for the answer to most common fireplace trouble shooting questions and niggles

Artisan Installation less than 12 months old

If you have any issues with an Artisan Installation within the first 12 months please contact us by emails using the contact form including your name, address, installation date and a brief description of the problem. We will respond within 48hours (usually before) and aim to resolve your issue as soon as possible free of any charge  

Artisan Installation over 12 months old

If you have any issues with an Artisan installation over 12 months old we strongly recommend a service call out, however our trouble shooting section may help you sort any niggles yourself.

Metal work discoloration

For those stubborn marks or just the lack of time to do it, Artisan recommends an inexpensive visit from our expert cleaners MD Restorations on 07919444827.  

Manmade marks/ damage caused

Not inherent, but sometimes unavoidable! These marks are usually easy to wash off with soapy water and soft scrubbing brush. If that does not work Artisan would suggest an inexpensive visit from our expert cleaners. Artisan is pleased to recommend M.D. Restorations on  07851383186 We also have peek metal cleaner available for sale in store

Removing marks from stones, slates, granites or marbles

Natural marks are inherent in the natural materials you have chosen, Mother Nature controlling their size and colour. These natural marks cannot be removed. Artisan however selects its own materials ensuring they are fit for purpose. Artisan prides itself on quality and selection of all its natural materials used in manufacturing.

Driving Rain

Every flue in every location is affected by driving rain. Driving rain causes water ingress in almost every flue, every time. Thankfully it does not occur often. Once again Mother Nature beats us some of the time. There is one fact, when the driving rain stops, the cowls will cope!

Wind Noise

Every flue in every location is affected differently by the wind. The stronger the wind, usually, the noisier the flue will be. The more remote your location the higher the chance that winds will affect your flue. Cowls to muffle, chimney balloons to hide, spark guards to rebound are just a few of the ‘remedies’, guaranteed only to disguise the problem of mother nature, not solve it. There is one fact, when the wind dies down the problem should be abated.

Common Stove Issues

The intense heat from your solid fuel is normal so….
  • Hearths beneath stoves do crack
  • Fire cement seals do fall apart
  • Fire cheeks do crack
  • Rendered interiors do eventually crack and fall off
  • Grates and ash-pans do burn through
  • Stoves, pipes and register plates do twist and bend slightly
  • Glass and flue pipes do tar up
  • Cement linings do fall down the flue
  • Burning the wrong fuels does cause even more problems
Thankfully the benefits of solid fuel burning far outweigh the negatives so by following a simple maintenance programme you will keep your stove burning perfectly for years to come! Remember helps at hand annually, please call Artisan on 01484 723717 to service your appliance putting it back as new (or as near as possible). We've also added some useful videos on Artisan TV from Contura about lighting principles and how to light your stove. Following the correct procedures will help keep your stove working and looking amazing

My hearth has cracked/ broken

There are two ways that hearths crack or break. 1) During installation whilst bedding down 2) When someone accidently stands on it Most hearths are hollow and will crack when weight is applied. Artisan will replace a complete ‘matching’ set and Artisan will help you to claim on your house insurance. Artisan work alongside all major insurers and will help you get back to normal as soon as possible and even assist in the recovery of your excess!

Discoloured glass on gas and solid fuel fires

After first lighting

Solid fuel stoves always discolour the glass after first lighting (Paint curing on the stove and pipe, internal and external) this will have been explained on installation.

Over time

Glass on solid fuel stoves will always discolour, especially with downdraft or backdraft but more commonly with burning the wrong type of fuel with too much moisture content, peat, softwood, coal, newspaper, magazines, etc. Artisan suggest the use of seasoned, preferably kiln dried hardwoods to minimise discolouration and to protect the environment. We sell stove cleaner and pre-packed kiln dried timber with all other accessories For local supplier of seasoned hardwood contact Tony at Bingley Log Services on 01274 566997

Solid fuel stoves should be serviced annually, please contact us to arrange on 01484 723 717

Electric Fire Issues

  • Bulbs do need replacing
  • Fans do burn out if covered over
  • Fans do make a noise with over use
  • Fuses do blow for many reasons
Artisan suggest it is normally easy to sort these issues yourself or for an inexpensive alternative please contact our recommended electrical contractor Ian Waterhouse on 07850710610

Hot controls or hot front frets

Heat will transfer to the front fret and to the controls beneath, if the fret touches the fire. Always have a gap between fret and fire and a gap between the ash pan cover and fret. Any other overheating would suggest the need for a service please call 01484 723717 

Gas and solid fuel fires need servicing annually

My fire has become noisy

Gas and Solid fuel fires, standard or fan flued that become overly noisy with time, usually need stripping down and servicing. Please call us to arrange on 01484 723717

Gas and solid fuel fires need servicing annually

Fire, not hot enough

At Artisan we sell gas fires and solid fuel stoves varying in efficiencies. Your initial research before purchase should have determined the requirements for your home and personal situation. If you have made the wrong choice, as an Artisan customer you are entitled to part exchange fee towards another choice.

Open Fires

In gas or solid fuel, must be used in winter months with a background central heating system. Open fires cannot perform properly if there is too much cold air in the room. Cold air is drawn to the open appliance and taken up the flue system together with the heat from the appliance. When warm air from the central heating system is in the room, the same vortex (updraft) would not occur and so the appliance is able to perform properly and you will benefit by its usually sufficient heat output.

Glass fronted fires

Both gas and solid fuel are more efficient if they have a glass barrier to minimise the vortex (updraft) therefore preventing the loss of the heat up the flue system. Glass fronted fires (being more efficient) the reason for their higher initial purchase price. However it is suggested that background central heating systems are still used especially in winter months to help glass fronted appliances perform to their potential.

Fire burning one side more than other

Remedy  Rearrangement of the fuel bed to form an even flame pattern Action if you cannot alleviate the problem, Artisan suggests a service. Please call us to arrange a service on 01484 723717 Gas and Sold fuel fires need servicing annually

Sooting Fires

Usually caused by gaps being closed between the fuel causing the flame to leave a carbon deposit where it touches the fuel, sooty deposits are left when a flame is constantly touching the same surface all of the time, it will only be avoided by rearranging the fuel bed. It is not a fault Remedy/ action Remove soot/ carbon with small dry brush (do not dampen) Rearrange the fuel bed as per your fires fitting instructions allowing the fire to breathe again. Exchange pebbles and/ or driftwood for coals (pebbles and driftwood being lighter in colour will always show the marks more than black coals)  

Gas Fire won’t light, won’t spark

Usual remedies

  • New batteries in appliance (especially if bleeping constantly)
  • New batteries in remote control
  • Slide ignition disconnected under appliance
  • Dust or carbon deposits need removing from between pilot head and thermocouple probe
  • No spark or fire cutting out, could mean that your fire needs a new thermocouple
Action If you are unable to remedy your fire not lighting or won’t spark, Artisan suggest a service, please call us to arrange on 01484 723 717 Gas and solid fuel fires need servicing annually

Gas Leaks

The presence of ethyl mercaptan, the chemical added to natural gas means it can be detected by its unmistakable gas odour. If you hear gas escape or smell gas please contact us immediately on 01484 723717 (7 days) if we are closed please call Transco on 0800 111 999 Artisan prides itself on a strict health and safety policy. Your Safety is our priority  

A strange smell from my fire

After the initial installation gas or solid fuel fires have a very pungent ‘newness’ smell. The paint burns off from the metal of the appliance and the dye burns off the ceramic fuels shapes The smell will not disappear until the appliance has been burned for approx. 12 hours or once all of the paint has cured. After this initial period, any smell from a burning appliance could suggest a carbon monoxide presence. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous, we suggest an immediate service, please call us to arrange that service on 01484 723717 Artisan suggests on the use of carbon monoxide detectors with all gas or solid fuel fires Gas and solid fuel fires need servicing annually


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