These are genuine customer and trade testimonials and reviews  (displayed clearly for all to see in store)



Absolute class company from start to finish couldn’t be happier with how the fire was fitted from start to finish ! Craig talked us through the sale and process so well and then Sean fitted it with no mess no fuss ! First class !


From Tony

Yes, the sale has to be fair and competitively priced and all that but it’s what happens after the sale that’s the most important factor.

Through no fault of their own (I was offered) I decided not to have a cowl on my flue, for some daft reason, thinking the airflow would be better, needing as much oxygen as possible at my age! I had the pleasure of a bird in the flue and as an animal lover I rang Artisan in a panic. Within one hour an engineer had removed my fire and saved the poor bird life, even getting it outside again which was an art in itself!

Unfortunately in doing so my hearth was scratched by the fire and the cloth bird was carried in, not surprisingly caught my wallpaper on the way out.

Would you believe this service… The fitter had reported the issue of which I had intended to ignore, as it was after all my fault. I had a call from Wesley Rhodes, from Artisan’s after sales, who arranged for someone to fit me a bird cage cowl. It is very hard to express my delight just one week after. I had even intention of paying and expected a bill, but no… Not from Artisan. New cowl, hearth and wallpaper as new with compliments from Artisan.

So that makes two lucky birds that have had the pleasure of Artisan’s service…

God bless you all

Mrs Wainwright, Huddersfield

we had a Quattro electric fire fitted by yourselves. After it was  I thanked the two guys who did the job, they were brilliant, punctual, clean, pleasant and skilled at what they do. Also the sales man at the saw, gave excellent advice was not at all pushy, very polite.

I would recommend Artisan to anyone who wants to purchase a fire. From me they get 10 out of 10, especially on value. Many thanks Artisan.