Fireplace Trends for 2019

Electric fireplaces and electric fireplace suites will be the growth market for 2019. High efficiency heating systems and better insulated new houses are pushing this trend. New home builders are not even putting gas points or flue systems in modern homes but Artisan’s customers still want a fireplace as the focal point of the Living Room. Electric fireplaces and electric fireplace suites are 100% efficient products, with no waste so they are always the eco-friendly option.

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Woodburning stoves are in the news at the moment and will continue to be so in 2019 with a government air quality consultation on-going. At Artisan our thoughts are that only the more expensive highly efficient stoves will be approved to use in some local authority areas in the future. Woodburning stoves should only be used with the cleanest domestic fuels; experts say that the burning of wet or unseasoned wood and smoky solid fuels is the main air pollution problem. Wet wood contains moisture that creates smoke and harmful particulates when burned.

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The inglenook fireplace (with or without a beam) will still be a popular choice in 2019. Inglenook fireplaces are always popular on home decorating and interior design websites. In 2019 the choice for inglenook fireplaces with gas or electric stoves as alternatives to multi-fuel and woodburning stoves.

Gas fires will always be on trend as gas fires have the cheapest running costs. We have seen gas fires grow in size from a 22”x16” fire into a full sized 30”x 30” with or without a fireplace. In 2019 we will see even bigger gas fires as a room feature become an ever more popular choice on interior design social media posts and for Artisan customers. These large gas fires look amazing and are highly efficient with low running cost. At Artisan we have gas fires available for precast flues, normal chimney or balanced flued.

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These are the most popular trends for 2019/20