The old electric fan fires are a thing of the past and in their place is the new cutting edge electric fire technology, these showstopper design-led electric fires are the latest must-have.

They have colour changing flame effects, remote-controlled panels, apps to use from your phones and in some cases 7-day heat and light timers.

The flame patterns are so realistic – gone are the days of the wafting ribbons behind a piece of Perspex and in come the realistic 3 D effects, varieties of colours and oodles of choices for fuel – logs of every description, coals, pebbles, crystals and smokey glass.

The fires are inset, outset and panoramic, making a statement piece in your room. We are building made to measure media walls around them to house TVs, skyboxes and all manner of gaming consoles. Incorporating shelves and niches with led lighting and colours painted to match your décor.

We supply everything from the small electric fireplace suites complete, individual electric inset fires to long panoramic styles over 2meters wide.