Anyone can sell you a fireplace but no one can install it as we can at Artisan.

To see an actual installation see Artisan TV 

Upon Arrival
We arrive promptly on the day agreed. We prepare quickly by protecting all areas from any dust or debris. The Gas Safe registered and carry out all the relevant safety tests before we start.

We remove your existing fireplace, leaving it neatly for disposal. We tidy the installation area and remove your old appliance and prepare for the new one.

We unpack your new fire, taking care not to damage any part of it but remember if it was found to be damaged your Artisan Guarantee covers full replacement.

The installation begins by bricking up the existing lower flue opening if required so avoiding any drafts through the new installation.

Setting the hearth
The base is now set for the new fire and the decorative hearth section is installed neatly. The hearth is levelled and the fire connected and the hearth is protected from the next part of the installation.

The flue
A core drill is put neatly through the outside wall, ensuring no damage is done to the existing stonework. The flue is then attached and the flue pipe is connected safely and neatly.

Lighting up
The gas is connected and tested once again to prove we have no leaks on the new installation. The flue bed is set and all flue joints sealed leaving the gas fire ready to go.

New chimney breast
A new chimney breast is formed to scale to fit your room size and the fireplace you have chosen. The new chimney breast is usually constructed in timber, plasterboard, track or stud. The new chimney breast includes vents to transfer and utilise the warm air from within the newly formed chimney breast into your room.

An Artisan insulation is heat efficient not only because we only sell high heat output gas fires but because we insulate to retain as much heat as possible minimising any heat loss.

Everything so far has maximised heat efficiency whilst maintaining our strict health and safety code of practice

The Surround
We install your choice of surround

The mantelpiece
The mantelpiece is fitted neatly in place and the Artisan guarantee and quality levels are retained throughout

We plaster patch around the area we have installed.

The cleanup
Every part of the new installation is cleaned perfectly. All the instructions for the fireplace are explained in detail.

An Artisan installation should leave you feeling warm inside, not only knowing you have a beautiful fireplace of your choice but knowing it’s backed by the Artisan guarantee and knowledge we’ll always be here for your annual servicing and for any mishaps that may occur.

There are those who might match our prices but there are none who can match our installation. You only replace your fire once so why not do it properly.

Artisan Est. 1986

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