Fires and Fireplaces

Can you do supply only?

Of course, guaranteed to beat anyone like for like

Do we have to have that fire that is in the surround?

Any fire fits anywhere, we manufacture to suit

Does the complete fireplace sign include the fire?

Only when packaged clearly together. Our prices are unbeatable like for like

Can these be made a different size?

As manufacturers, we can make anything any size in any material

Can any fire fit any fireplace?

It can or variations of the theme, no problem

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, our VAT registration number is 113203773. All UK retail prices must include VAT


Do I have to pay for a survey?

No, surveys are free and part of your fireplace installation. Surveys can only be arranged in store


Do you use your own fitters?

Yes all our installers/ fitters are trained the Artisan way – in house. Anyone can sell you a fireplace but nobody can install it as we can at Artisan. Why not have a look at Artisan TV for a video of an actual installation.

Will you come out and tell me what I can have?

We will arrange a free of charge home survey in store

Will you fit far afield?

At this moment in time, we are unable to offer national fitting to customers.

If I buy a fire elsewhere and a surround from you, will you fit both?

We will but remember we sell every fire cheaper than anybody and only our materials fitted are covered with extended guarantees.

What do you charge for fitting?

Fitting charges in some cases free as part of a package. The average fitting charge is around £180.00 the best way to find out is to call in store for your dream fire.

How soon can I have my fire fitted?

It is possible, for fires we have in stock, to be fitted within 2 weeks. Bespoke installations usually within 4 weeks.

Do Artisan come and look first to see if the fire fits?

We will do a free of charge survey when necessary

Can we have a fireplace in a different material?

Yes you can have all our fireplaces, any size in any material. We are the manufacturer, as most houses are very different standard is not a word we recognise.

Do I need a liner?

Only if the appliance requires it as part of its installation or the flue is faulty and needs attention.

What’s an air vent?

A 100cm2 air vent needs to be fitted for Solid fuel stoves over 5kw output or gas fires with input higher than 6.9kw


What’s the difference between a multi fuel stove and a wood burner?

Stoves burning wood and coal and smokeless fuel are multi fuel, wood burners are for wood only. When burning wood, the wood sits on a bed of ash as it burns, but smokeless fuel and coal requires a grate where air can filter beneath and may also have an external ‘riddling’ lever to shake the ash into the ash pan.

How long does a log stove last?

As long as you burn the correct fuel it could last a lifetime

Are stoves and solid fuel messy?

With wood burners there is no mess at all, clean burn systems ensure you only have to empty the ashes once every 3 weeks or so.

What can I burn in a stove in a smokeless zone?

If a stove is tested by DEFRA and has a stamp of approval you can burn conventional logs, Our staff can advise accordingly

How long from ordering to fitting?

We have 6 highly skilled installations teams, one team is usually available within 2 weeks.

What is DEFRA?

DEFRA stands for Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, which is the government body that determines smokeless zones (Clean Air Act 1993).

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