Is impersonation a form of flattery? Yes but it can also be dangerous…


Artisan has many impersonators that try to copy our designs and pretend to emulate our service. Our designs and business values are based on 35 years’ experience in this industry. To be fooled by such impersonation could be dangerous. Remember Artisan have no competition.

To be classed as competition you have to compete, we prefer to call them ‘here today, usually gone tomorrow, opposition.’

Opposition is dangerous – not to us but to the unsuspecting person that fall for the impersonations.

Economic folly that is often costly to alter…. It doesn’t just cost money; it could cost you your life! Artisan has information of an on-going court case involving a local discount operator, Trading Standards and the Health and Safety Executive. Watch this space for a full update once proceedings and prosecutions are competed. Be safe not sorry. You only do it once. Do it properly.

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