Beware of the middleman that doesn’t control his own importing or manufacturing. You should only deal with credible, reputable organisations who will not be “here today and gone tomorrow”. Your fire needs an annual service for at least 10 years from purchase.

Insist on 3 years
More established retailers will have the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty, lifetime warranties from companies unlikely to be here for the length of the warranty are worthless.

On proof of Gas Safe registration (gas) or HETAS registration (Solid Fuel) before any commencement of work, any home insurance claim would be invalidated without proof of installation by a competent member of the relevant organisation. When it comes to gas and solid fuel heating, Bob the builder types are uncertified and dangerous.

The person or company that needs a substantial deposit “to cover the costs of the materials”

Be Suspicious
Of the sales person that says you ‘have to have’ a liner… Most appliances don’t need liners and most flues don’t need lining. A simple Flue Tech test will clarify. If your flue has a proven problem, it is unsafe and illegal to install to it. A Gas Safe and HETAS registered operative must rectify and certify its safe before its use. Bob the builders, build walls and block pavements; they don’t repair and certify flues!

To deal with anyone insisting on cash only purchase, it will not be legal, their warranties are non-existent and they can never be found again after installation.

Bogus ex Artisan employees
Ex Artisan trained fitters
Ex Artisan suppliers
If they are ex… they are ex for a reason!

Proof of after sales service, your fire needs servicing every 12 months, during the next 10 years. You will need to call on someone competent to advise accordingly.

Rest Assured
In the knowledge that our fire and fireplaces installers are working within a strict Health and Safety Policy and procedure in your home; Gas is dangerous, Ask for a proof of policy.

How long the organisation has been established… 25 years or 25 minutes? You decide, it’s your safety!

Common Sense
Your fire and/ or fireplace are a major investment adding value to your home. You only do it once, so do it properly!

Artisan Fireplaces Established 1986
Need we say more?

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