Why Artisan

We use our own installers, our own personal design service and our workmanship is based on years of experience.

Biggest, Best and Cheapest

Biggest – Europe’s largest display of fire, fireplace and stoves under one roof.

Best – So says the industry (see our awards here)

Cheapest – Appearances can be deceptive, because of our state-of-the-art showroom frontage, we often get mistaken as expensive… our ranges start from just £99.00 complete.

Enjoy a hassle free browse around our 550 displays and don’t be frightened to tell us your budget whether it be only £300 for a £500 limestone or £3,000 for a £5,000 design feature…. We will always make something to suit…

Why buy an inferior product when you can easily afford an Artisan

Artisan Fireplaces are the manufacturer and standard is not a word we recognise. Artisan Fireplaces boasts having the industries finest group of experienced non commission based sales staff

Artisan Fireplaces have no competition

Remember estate agents state that only “quality” fireplaces add value to your property.

You won’t have spent on an Artisan Fireplace you will have invested

And… you (normally) only do it once, so do it properly

Artisan’s Mission Statement

Customer services as it used to be… at unbeatable value and without compromise.

Artisan Fireplaces the inexpensive, incomparable brand

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