Artisan Triple XL

The Duet Premium XL is a wide 2-sided built-in corner fireplace with Step Burner, either left-sided or right-sided and available in 3 sizes. The picture shows the right-sided model. The Duet Premium XL is the largest of the three models in this series in terms of measurement. This fireplace comes with a Step Burner® and the interior of the fireplaces can be with logs, carrara pebbles or grey grit stone.

The glass has a width of 130cm and a depth of 34cm. Its capacity of 8.4 kW makes it very suitable for heating larger living rooms. The fireplace comes with a remote control. If desired, the fireplace can be expanded if required. This allows you to control the fireplace with your smartphone, tablet or computer.


  • – Built-in fire
  • – Available with a left or right hand corner
  • – Choice of logs, white pebbles or grey stones
  • – Interior options: black-painted steel or black mirror glass
  • – Available in natural gas or LPG
  • – Heat input: 12kW
  • – Heat output: 8.4kW
  • – Balanced flue in 200/130mm size
  • – Sequential remote control

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