Artisan Triple L

The Artisan Triple Premium L is a 3-sided built-in gas fire. The Triple series is available in 4 sizes and uses a closed combustion system, with oxygen being drawn from the outside and the flue gasses being discharged to the outside. Because of this system, the Triple fireplaces can be built (in) against any outside wall.

The fireplace can be used together with Faber’s ITC App. This App allows you to control the fireplace with your smartphone, tablet and computer. For operation, consumption statistics and modulating flame effect with the possibility to save up to 70% on your consumption.

Built-in fireplaces, corner models


  • – Built-in fire
  • – Choice of logs, white pebbles or grey stones
  • – Interior options: black-painted steel or black mirror glass
  • – Available in natural gas or LPG
  • – Heat input: 10.5kW
  • – Heat output: 7.4kW
  • – Balanced flue in 200/130mm size
  • – Sequential remote control

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