Artisan Caedmon ECO Multi-Fuel Stove

With its large curved glass window for an unrivalled view of the fire, easy-to-use controls, 7kW output and an incredible built-in air wash system, the Caedmon Eco Design smoke control stove is future-proof and a classic. There is also our own design tertiary air technology which re-ignites gases, giving more heat. Both of these proven technologies make the Caedmon Eco stove a perfect choice.

The integral back heatshield, when using vitreous enamelled flue pipe from the stove, reduces the distance to combustible materials to 200mm at the rear of the stove.

The Harrogate Eco and The Caedmon Eco Smoke Control stoves have the same interiors and specifications. The Caedmon Eco is the curved door model and the Harrogate Eco is the flat door model.

The Caedmon is top flue only and is suitable for a 12mm heart

Artisan Caedmon ECO Multi-Fuel Stove

  • Smoke Control
  • 7kW output
  • Energy Efficiency Class A
  • Energy Efficient Index 100 %
  • Multifuel
  • British Made
  • 6” Diameter flue collar (top flue only)
  • 76.0% Efficient on Wood
  • Suitable for a 12mm Hearth
  • Built-In Tertiary Air
  • Optional Outside Air kit
  • Optional Remote Control
  • Distance from combustible material; Back 200mm / Side 400mm
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Handle
  • Max. Log Length 350mm
  • Viewing area – 317mm wide x 352mm high approx.
  • Weight 92kg

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